Welfare and liabilities


Payment of salaries, allowance including compliance of all statutory obligations like PF, ESI, overtime, if any and damage in case of injuries suffered by personnel while on duty will be the sole responsibility of Black horse Security Services Pvt. Ltd.


In case of any theft / pilferage in the facility, where services are to be provided by the Black horse Security Services Pvt. Ltd., a preliminary joint enquiry shall be conducted and a report will be submitted to the facility management. If in the report it is found that any security personnel of Black horse Security and Detectives Pvt. Ltd. is involved in the incident or the same occurred due to negligence and / or connivance of security personnel then loss shall be compensated by Black horse Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., else the management may report the case to police station of their jurisdiction where Black horse Security Services Pvt. Ltd. shall assist the facility in this matter.