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About Our Company


In this day & age of regular cases of harrasment & insecurity, we require methods to tackle these head on in the most modern & advantageous methods.
Here we are in 21st, India lacks the technology & the medium to stride for more productive work & a safe environment.
We at Black Horse are a family based organization with a belief to make India at par with any nation in terms of security.
Providing tailor made services, we know that every organization, big or small needs to be completely secure & ready for any situation.

Services We Provide

1. Real time surveillance: We have trained professionals prepared & ready to act on situations that require human contact.
2. Surveillance Farm: We know that many firms don't have the resources to opt for surveillance in house but should that stop you from providing a safe environment to you & your people? No, it shouldn't, for this we've got our own survelliance farm to help cut costs but still provide you with immediate information in case of red flags.
3. Drone Surveillance: Drones are new & expensive but still efficient. Sometimes we want to go the extra mile & over her we take that extra mile in the sky.



Legal Standpoint: Having only a basic security camera with a blur vision may never be enough to give you the age required to provide for evidence whereas our CCTV is real time streaming with an eagle view.

Better Productivity: With real time streaming, it motivates all employees to work harder as they know that even if you're not in the office , your eyes are.

Safety: The safety of your people gives them a sense of belonging and a better work place environment.

Monitoring: In case of hospitals & showrooms & more, we do what ten men can, we decrease your human expenditure & the unpredictability of the human nature.